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Welcome to TheWindWay,

TheWindWay is an innovative, educational opportunity to learn and utilize windpower for your business, school or community.

In order to ensure that windpower becomes the force that it is planned to be requires a trained and interested workforce, a reliable database of available wind resources and communities that understand what windpower is about. 

So how do you do that?

By creating a complete package aimed at education our youth, their teachers and their communities in windpower.  You need to educate the teachers and school districts to offer renewable energy education in the schools that show students, teachers and the community that windpower is indeed a reliable energy alternative. 

TheWindWay offers a flexible package of wind resource monitoring equipment, small scale wind and a hands-on curriculum that provides the introductions to windpower.  The package includes nationally recognized renewable energy curriculum form NEED, AWEA and KidWind to meet today's strict educational requirements.


Please visit the Wind for Schools page for more information.